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Hans Diehl, Certified Rolfer, has been practicing Rolfing™ since 1999. He received his training at the Rolf Institute at Boulder, Colorado. To further complement his manual therapy, Hans successfully completed a 7 year program from the Canadian College of Osteopathy and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and a diploma in the art and science of Osteopathy.  (DOMP designation – recognized by many extended health care providers.)

The Rolfing 10 sessions got me out of my back pain by getting to the source of the problem. My back pain was coming from my legs, not my back. It was not until my legs were reorganized and reintegrated into my pelvis and feet that I began to see long term improvement. The 10 series also started me on a path of greater awareness of my body and self. Osteopathy provided refined palpation and more advanced techniques to complement Rolfing. Both Rolfing and Osteopathy have helped me greatly and it is my pleasure to offer this great experience to others.


Hans Diehl Certified Rolfer

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Email: Vancouver BC Canada