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What they say about Rolfing

Dr. Jim Montgomery, an Olympic MD and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dallas, TX
“I send people with all kinds of problems to Rolfers. People with shoulder problems, with scar tissue after injury, low back problems, cervical spine, and shoulder and elbow problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. I think Rolfing should be entertained by any of these people.”

Dr. Ronald Tarrel, D.O., Neurologist, Noran Neurological Clinic, Minneapolis
“I am sold on Rolfing because I get to do all the sports I want to even though I don’t have a perfect back. Rolfing does not correct the inherent changes in my back but it allows me to continue to do rigorous activities and makes me more aware of my body and helps with the pain, discomfort and stiffness. Rolfing gives me pain relief and keeps me symmetric so I can count on my body more.”

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster, OB GYN, Medical Doctor in Carmel, California
Dr. Brewster tried Structural Integration to alleviate low back pain and sciatica. She states, “I was in pain 90% of the time and now I am pain free. Everyday I recommend Structural Integration to friends, family, colleagues and patients.”

Dr. Irene Grant, Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist, New York City
Dr. Grant is currently on the teaching faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College.

She had a very bad whiplash injury when she was a child, which created problems in her neck, similar to scoliosis. An Osteopath referred her to Structural Integration. Irene says, “After ten sessions I noticed that my posture improved, my chronic neck pain was significantly relieved, and I had much more energy. Further treatments brought progressive freedom. I experienced major changes. The most amazing thing is that I am now pain free.”

Irene has been receiving Structural Integration sessions now weekly, for the past two and a half years. “I am very impressed with Structural Integration and have referred a lot of patients to Structural Integration, including Scoliosis patients. Structural Integration is a wonderful method that can rehabilitate and reverse injuries.”

Dr. Kurlis Ullis, Medical Doctor, Olympic MD
“Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains, and overuse. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the buildup of scar tissue and derangement of myofascial tissue.”

Brian Orser, World Champion Figure Skater and Choreographer

“After my Structural Integration sessions it was great to experience total effortlessness and lightness, but at the same time feel compact and totally in control. I had increased energy, and skating took less effort. I found I had extra agility. My balance was better when doing turns on the ice.”

Elvis Stojko, 1998 Olympic Silver Medal figure skater
“Rolfing helped me to find my centre of balance for competition; it put my body in place.”

Craig Swan, former NY Mets pitcher (whose career ended from a sports injury)
“I truly believe if I had been Rolfed in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching today.” Swan says, “My first Rolfing session showed me what a difference it can make.”

Sarah Wills (world’s most successful disabled ski racer)
“Structural Integration enabled me to build more muscle, stretch easier, sit straighter and helped to maximize my workouts. Since skiing deals so much with balance and the forces of gravity, Structural Integration compliments the sport well.”

Tim Thackery 2000, US National Taekwondo champion
Tim started receiving Structural Integration sessions at the age of 13. Now at age 21 he still receives regular “maintenance sessions,” and the “ten-series” every other year. Tim states, “Structural Integration has given me a better presence than my competition. My posture has dramatically improved. My stance is firm. Not only has Structural Integration given me a mental advantage, it has increased my breathing capacity, improved my range of motion and I am more flexible. These are all qualities critical to becoming a winner in the Taekwondo sport.”

Kirk Apt, Ultra-marathon trail runner
Structural Integration has really improved my running. I have become a more efficient runner and have increased my endurance,” Kirk says. “Structural Integration improves breathing capacity, which is critical to a runner. Also, Structural Integration improves alignment and balance of the body. The result is a smoother, less injury prone running form.”

Sharon Sander, Ranked #2 on the U.S. Pentathalon Team (at the time)

“I recommend Rolfing for any athlete who has ever had trouble with injuries or doesn’t feel like they are reaching their potential.”

Cris Carter, Minnesota Vikings, Capt. Of Offence
Cris spoke in an interview describing his ankle injury in the 1999 season: “Six physicians predicted I would be out of the game for five weeks with that high ankle sprain. Wayne had me back out in a week- I played the (Dec. ’99) Green Bay game and within two weeks I was playing full force again and ran a 100 yard game.”

Qadry Ismail, Baltimore Raven’s Super Bowl star receiver
“Other therapies can help but Rolfing makes the difference. When l was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, midway through my season I noticed something was not right, so I found Wayne Henningsgaard. Wayne and I immediately connected. He has a keen eye and an innate sense of body mechanics. He knew exactly what needed to get done, why and how to do it. I honestly believe if it had not been for Rolfing.

Starkey Laboratories Inc., Minnesota (the world’s largest custom hearing aid manufacturer
Starkey saved over $1 million in workers compensation costs for repetitive stress injuries with the aid of Rolfing Structural Integration. Starkey now has the lowest modification factor of any manufacturer in the U.S. and its insurance premium expense has reduced dramatically.

Insurance Acceptance

Insurance companies are beginning to recognize and accept Rolfing Structural Integration in their medical treatment plans; such as Mutual of Omaha and Sharp Health Plan.


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