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Before and After Rolfing 10 Sessions

The 10 session series offers a unique opportunity to realign and redefine your body structure, segment by segment. It is a specialized scientifically validated form of structural bodywork. As the before and after photos of the mans’ “Rolfed” body shows, the process of the 10 series actually changes the way we look and move. The legs are “reorganized”, then the pelvis, then the back, the head and neck, etc. During the process many people say, “Wow, it’s like you’re reshaping my body as if it were clay!” To that I reply, ‘you’re right, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

The segments begin to fit more snugly and function as one unit again. The nervous system senses greater unity and furthers this integration throughout the whole body, so the results last longer than if only certain segments (like the low back) were treated over and over again.

A fundamental teaching in Rolfing is that structure governs function.

A body out of alignment and poorly defined structurally will function less than optimally. This is not just on a physical level. All aspects of life are affected. Fortunately, with the Rolfing 10 series that can change; and the improved structure lasts long term so a realigned redefined body is a new reality.

Some practitioners adjust joints and forget muscles. Some do muscles and forget fascia, and some do fascia only where the symptoms occur, but still forget to work on other systems. Throughout the 10 sessions every system is addressed and manipulated to restore ease in posture and alignment. Invariably, chronic pain subsides and we move more fluidly, using much less energy. We become more firmly grounded and centered.

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