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Rolfing is your best choice for deep, lasting bodywork

Meaning of Rolf logo

The twisted segments of the little boy contrast with the aligned segments of the same boy.
This image is based on a young client of Dr. Ida Rolf about 50 years ago, who was profoundly helped by the 10 session series.

It helps convey the idea that a fundamental realigning of our shape and structure is what Rolfing is all about.

And it shows how Rolfing is a manipulation of the whole body’s webbing of fascia (not only the joints). This is needed to bring lasting improvements to the whole person.


Childhood traumas made me feel like part of my body didn’t belong to me. Hans helped me with Rolfing so I could feel my body as one whole unit again. — PS

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Hans Diehl Certified Rolfer

Phone: 604-431-7661

Email: Vancouver BC Canada