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What Rolfing can do for you

While Rolfing® is not a medical treatment, many chronic conditions can be improved through Rolfing®.

  • chronic pain
  • posture / alignment
  • athletic performance
  • ease and grace of movement
  • balance / stability / centering
  • psychological growth

With A Rolfed body your long term benefits include:

Deep postural improvements

Freedom from chronic pain

Diminished stress levels (in your body, mind &spirit)

Ease and grace of movement

Deep postural improvements The traumas and injuries of daily life end up inflicting deep holding patterns in our bodies. These patterns are like twisted kitchen cloths that are wrung out. These holding patterns are not just localized at the area of pain. They are body wide. That is why lasting postural change comes from unraveling these tissues segment by segment, head to toe, not just symptomatic work on the area of pain. This whole body view separates Rolfing from other common forms of therapy.

For example, neck pain can easily come from a deep leg torsion, much like a very long twisted kitchen cloth that reaches from the leg up through the spine, and into the neck and head. We are not a bunch of separate parts, but one functioning unit, knitted together by a continuous fabric of Fascia

When this woven fabric of fascia is well balanced, gravity can do its job in allowing groundedness below and lift above. Gravity is among the most powerful forces affecting our bodies. Working with it instead of fighting against it (in misalignment) can have significant effects both biologically and psychologically. When we are misaligned, we are constantly under stress trying to fight against gravity.

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Freedom from chronic pain A great amount of chronic pain comes directly from mechanical misalignment. Rolfing aims to find out what is behind the patterns that cause the chronic pain. It asks why. I place a high priority using specific clinical tests and asking a detailed history to help isolate the cause of the problem.

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Diminished stress levels It is is becoming more and more understood how body stress hampers the quality of life not just in our bodies, but in our outlook on life and in our relationships with others. The Rolfing series of sessions truly is a gift we can make to ourselves and our loved ones. It offers a lasting investment in our quality of life.

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Ease and grace of movement Rolfing makes joints feel lubricated. There is a truly liberating feeling when the vice grip of the spine and pelvis and neck are finally loosened and we can move from a deeper, more centered place.

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