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Below are some Frequently asked Questions about Rolfing. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss how Rolfing can benefit you, please contact us by either emailing us or calling us at 604-431-7661.

Does Rolfing hurt?

There are a variety of advanced techniques that I use to assure the depth needed for effective realignment, while staying well within the comfort zone of my clients. If there is momentary discomfort YOU are always in control of what is acceptable.

What should I wear? Underclothes , two piece bathing suits, or shorts made of light fabric and sports bra for women. What you wear to the gym or yoga is fine. (preferrably not the long pants)

How long does it take to see results? Pain relief can come in a few minutes or it may require more than one session. Alignment improvements are typically seen from the first session also, but to get the entire body aligned, there is typically a progressive improvement throughout the 10 session series.

The benefits are cumulative. Each session builds on the previous sessions gains. With a “Rolfed” body a person feels better in their own body, has greater awareness, is more grounded, experiences a more effortless lift against gravity, moves with more grace and ease, balance from a deep centered place, and can gain in height as well! For more on the 10 Session Series…


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